Let’s play Ballet-Mad Libs!

Later this month we will be one year older and none the wiser. As part of our birthday celebrations we are launching The Ballet-Mad Libs Project and we want all of YOU to take part.

What are Ballet-Mad Libs?

Our Ballet-Mad Libs are based on a popular word game of the 50s played at parties and social gatherings where one player prompted another for a list of words to substitute for blanks in a story (remember Friends episode “The One with the Kips”?). As you can see below, here they are presented with a very balletic twist.

How to Play

  • Download and print out the attached PDF file by clicking on the image below. Print the file (in colour or B&W) or use Photoshop / Adobe Writer / Preview (Mac) or similar to fill in the gaps.

  • Fill in the gaps using all your imagination and humour. Be creative and show us just how much you love ballet/dance. Entries from all over the globe are welcome.
  • How to send the image back to us:
  1. If you have used Photoshop / Adobe Writer / Preview to edit the file, simply email it back to us;
  2. If you have printed and filled in the gaps by hand, take a picture with your phone or scan it and then email it or;
  3. If you prefer to send it by post, contact us and we’ll send you a postal address

The Prize

To reward the funniest entries we have commissioned a limited series of silkscreen, collectable prints which take inspiration from Gigposters and are designed to “Give Ballet a New Spin”. Trust us when we say these prints are of the highest quality and 100% awesome. They are unique, funny and probably the coolest ballet posters you will ever see.

Deadline for submissions is 22 May 2010. We look forward to your entries. Have fun & spread the word!

Alternatively, to register your interest in purchasing a poster contact us by email.

Ballet-Mad Libs Hall of Fame

The best responses to these Mad Libs will be collated and pasted in a gallery (together with links to your respective websites / Twitter accounts, if any) and later they will go into a big Ballet Mad-libs Hall of Fame, a new section in our site which will bring together responses from both sides of the curtain: fans, writers, ballet companies and dancers.

Likes ballets that taste like 85% cocoa: pure, extra bitter, dark or intense. Her favorites are La Sylphide, Manon, Mayerling, Ondine, Symphonic Variations and McGregor's Chroma. Her favorite Ratmansky ballets are: The Little Humpbacked Horse, Russian Seasons, Cinderella and The Shostakovich Trilogy. She is always ready to chase new Ratmanskys around the globe. Non ballet: literature, theatre, opera, rock, art, food, travel, fashion, translating and interpreting.


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  • April 10, 2010


    Excellent! Thanks so much for sharing Nichelle, the more participation the merrier. We look forward to yours! E.

  • April 10, 2010


    Hi Thais, Of course you can participate from Brazil or anywhere else in the globe! We will put in an edit in the post to clarify, thanks for that. Look forward to your your entry! E.

  • April 10, 2010


    This blog gets better and better every day! Congrats, bag ladies!
    I would like to know if people from outside UK (Brazil, yeah!) are able to take part? If so I would love to…

  • April 10, 2010


    So much fun! I have shared this across various networks. Can’t wait to see the responses!!