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June 2010

The Royal Ballet Portraits

by Linda on June 29, 2010

One of our favorite topics, along with ballet myth busting, is ballet’s potential for crossover with other art forms. Besides its affinity with drama and music, ballet also naturally lends itself to collaborations with photography and art installations. A dancer’s ability to convey emotion with shapes, to create beauty in movement and form makes him/her [...]

Cult Blog Post of the Week

by Emilia on June 26, 2010

We’ve been meaning to flag this post by Ruminations by a Rogue Ballerina for a few weeks now. “The Future is Aszure” is an interesting spotlight feature on 34 year old Canadian choreographer Aszure Barton, director of Aszure Barton & Artists and close friend of Baryshnikov. Her list of achievements is long indeed and it makes us wonder [...]

Best of You: Part Deux

by Emilia on June 24, 2010

In addition to boosting their presence on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, leading ballet companies have also taken to blogging regularly. Company blogs have radically changed the face of communication within the arts sector. Before them organisations were more dependent on regular media/art pages to pick up on their stories but now they [...]

Aya Takagi & Dancing in Japan

by Linda on June 22, 2010

During my session with The Tokyo Ballet in rehearsal for the upcoming European tour, I had the pleasure of meeting  Aya Takagi, one of their soloists. I had seen Aya rehearsing for Béjart’s Don Giovanni and was very impressed with her jump and athleticism. Given the opportunity and the fact that she spoke perfect English, [...]

Cult Blog Post of the Week

by Emilia on June 20, 2010

Check out some outtakes from our visit to The Tokyo Ballet via our collaborator Susanne Reffert’s own blog Chipango. With yet more rehearsal pictures, her feature is entitled Behind the Scenes: The Tokyo Ballet: The Tokyo Ballet is a big company which performs internationally. I was a bit surprised to see that the dancers were [...]

Shopaholic & Chacott

by Linda on June 17, 2010

After catching up with ballet rehearsals and performances it was time for me to explore another Tokyo balletic landmark. Chacott is Japan’s main dance fashion company. Although they are manufacturers and retailers of goods for ballet, dance, yoga,  figure skating and gymnastics they also cater to the balletomane  – selling posters, magazines, T-shirts, etc. The [...]