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Anything that is inspired by the amazing PJ Harvey is likely to strike a chord with us. In this latest blog entry the Ballerina Project’s Dane and dancer Alex take inspiration from the indie muse to create their own “Stories from the City”:

This was the summer I rediscovered my obsession with one of my favorite musicians, PJ Harvey. I admired how her music gathered juxtapositions of both aggressive and soft characteristics that inexplicably fused into harmony. That essentially was the way I interpreted the Ballerina Project images, resulting in the two pairing seamlessly in my head. Although it was an early shoot on a Sunday (I also only had two hours of sleep the night before due to excitement and anticipation), my mind managed to create an invisible set of earphones that replayed PJ Harvey’s “Black Hearted Love” on full blast, giving me boosts of adrenaline throughout the morning. I also just returned from several outdoor rock climbing trips with my fiancé and his best friend, giving me an uncontrolled desire to climb everything!

Check out the full post and resulting image at Ballerina Project

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