The Ballet Bag in Time Out London

We were recently featured in Time Out London (issue No. 2085) where they report on the best blogs and social media channels for ballet. Time Out interviewed us and said we are: “a chic webzine” & “best of the new bunch” of sites dedicated to dance. Check it out!

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We started The Ballet Bag in April 2009 with the mission to prove that ballet is not stuffy, old fashioned and inaccessible; that it is quite the opposite: relevant, fresh and topical. With the aim to Give Ballet a New Spin we try to show it under a different light. When writing our capsule biographies, ballet fact cards, review roundups and commentary on social media, we cross it over with other art forms and cultural references (pop culture, cinema, rock music – ie. other things we love!).


  • August 15, 2010

    José Mauricio Ferraz

    CONGRATULATIONS ON THE REVIEW. Ballet is a matter of great interest for young
    people and, you, “ballet ladies” are doing a great job to open the way.
    All the best to the Ballet Ladies !

  • August 12, 2010


    Thanks so much guys, we’re really honoured! With our careers being indeed so earthly, we found that our common interest, dance, provided a dreamy and quirky/crazy enough counterpoint :)

  • August 11, 2010


    Congrats on a great review – I wasn’t aware of your “earthly” careers, I was sure you were two ex-dancers or something down that road!
    Best of the bunch, indeed, and still my favorite ladies ;)
    All the best, Henrik

  • August 11, 2010

    Ria Sarantaridou

    You are doing a splendid job so the only surprise is that this article did not come sooner! Well done.

  • August 11, 2010


    So, one of you is an ex-City lawyer and the other is a theoretical physicist?? And you report on ballet? What an interesting and quirky combination. Oh .. and you are both beautiful. Quite lovely.