Black Swan News Roundup & Poster Promo Results

The web is again bursting with Black Swan headlines, including all the award nominations which have put Aronofsky’s ballet movie in the race for four Golden Globes and three Screen Actors Guild/SAG Awards, while the lion’s share of press coverage is currently being given to Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied with their engagement/baby news.

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Black Swan Poster Promotion Results:

Last month we ran a Black Swan poster competition where we asked who your all-time favorite Odette/Odile was and why.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the competition! We received many wonderful entries via email, comment and Facebook and it was tough for us to pick only four answers. After much brainstorming we are pleased to announce the winning entries:

Black Swan International Teaser Posters. Fox Searchlight ©


Veronika Part. I’m shallow and she’s stunning.


My favorite Odette/Odile is Natalia Bessmertnova. I remember my parents watching a VHS of her Swan Lake when I was 4 or 5 years old. This was the first ballet video I ever watched and I was fascinated. I remember my mom explaining the story to me and my dad getting excited for the 32 fouettés in the grand pas. Her performance is how I imagined classical ballerina beauty. I encourage everyone to find this recording and watch!


In 1997, I met a girl name Rachel.  She loved ballet, and had danced throughout her young life and into college. I had grown up with a deep appreciation for ballet, as my father had always had a passion for it, and had been taking me to Lincoln Center since I was a young boy. Rachel and her mother had always split a subscription to the ABT at Lincoln Center, so, in 1997, when we started dating, she invited me to see Swan Lake with Nina Ananiashvili.  It was memorable to me for many reasons, and I’ll never forget it (…)


I had been invited to a private evening arranged by the English National Ballet for their sponsors. The event took place at ENB’s beautiful rehearsal room in Markova House tucked behind the Royal Albert Hall (…) The evening was hosted by Wayne Eagling, a repetiteur, a pianist and two artists of the company, Begoña Cao and Esteban Berlanga. The couple were preparing for their first ever performance of Swan Lake for the ENB in the lead roles and the evening was valuable rehearsal time (…)

Wayne Eagling was working with Esteban on his promenades and after a few minutes he turned to the audience – and more specifically turned to look at me! – and announced  “I think we should invite one of our guests to have a go.” (…) The next thing I knew I found myself off my seat and standing in front of the lovely Begoña Cao (…) So Begoña has to be my favourite Odette/Odile, as she is the dancer I very briefly and somewhat clumsily became Prince Siegfried to! (…)

Congratulations guys, posters are on their way to you now!

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