Ten Years of Yumiko: Anniversary Giveaway

Heads up girls AND boys!

Yumiko is celebrating its 10-Year Anniversary this month and have recently unveiled a shiny new website where any leotard can be fully customised: from colour and fabric type, to lining and sleeve options.

We’re whooping it up and teaming up with the company to give away two pairs of the latest female and male models, the Nadja and the Daniil (as featured below), which are currently sold exclusively at Yumiko Boutiques.

This is our fifth Yumi promotion and the biggest one yet!

The Nadja by Yumiko

The Daniil by Yumiko

Lucky winners (two for the Nadja and two for the Daniil) will receive made to order pieces in the size they wear.

To enter, all you have to do is:

Tell us about your dream Yumi

Use the comment form below or email us ( theballetbag [at] gmail.com ) by 16 May. For inspiration and ideas on models and colours, visit the Yumiko website.

Entries from all over the globe are welcome. Be creative & good luck!

15/06/12 – Update: Promo results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Nadja/Daniil promo. It was super hard for us to pick only four answers from an overwhelming amount of fab entries about your dream Yumis.

After much deliberation, we are pleased to announce the winning emails/comments:


Madeline who emailed us this lovely poem (Yes a Yumi poem!):

My Dream Yumi

Her Dream Yumi,
Is original and fun,
A Lemon Lena,
As bright as the Sun.

Her Dream Yumi,
Is modern and new,
A Folk and Plum Marieke,
Matching her tutu.

Her Dream Yumi,
Is colorful and loud,
A Zucca and Juicy Kiki,
Standing out in the crowd.

Her Dream Yumi
Is timeless and sweet,
A Rose and Charm Sofiane,
Delicate and elite.

Her Dream Yumi,
Is powerful and fierce,
An India and Planet Elise,
For a girl who has no fear.

My Dream Yumi,
Is mine and mine alone,
A Dew and Turchese Velvet Wendy,
One of a kind and existing on its own.

and Alyssa, who commented as follows:

I’ve quite literally had dreams about this leo: Sofiane, 3/4 sleeves, white velvet body with dark red velvet trim. You know you spend too much time on the Yumiko website when it starts to appear in your dreams (and you recognize the name of the leo)!


this comment from Will:

My dream Yumi would be the Cedric in a large size in clay colored nylon. I would actually like a really rich forest green color available. But anyway, I would wear them long for ballet in the morning, knee-length for yoga in the afternoon, and if I can manage, roll them up to mid thigh for pole dancing at night.

Although I guess in a realistic world I would be changing my clothes more often on days when I do lots of classes. Yay Yumis and versatility!

and the below entry from Oliver Swan-Jackson:

My dream Yumi would have to be the Tibo style, in my favourite colours: Black with Red trim or Red with Black trim. would be perfect for auditions! Loving the look of the new Daniil as well though!

Congratulations guys! Your Nadjas & Daniils will be on their way soon.

Do stay tuned for more Yumiko promotions in 2012!

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  • May 17, 2012


    Waahhh!!! They’re so pretty! My dream yumiko would be a Becky in black with antique top color and arctic trim!

  • May 17, 2012

    Brianna H

    I walk into class. The girl across from the barre gives me a jealous side glance. I, with class, pretend not to notice and casually throw my hair into a french twist. My sweater, already tastefully hanging over my shoulder reveals an astonishing scarlet-colored strap. It’s odd, yet provokes curious eyes from my classmates. By tendus I confirm that I’ve held everybody in suspense long enough I was working up quite a sweat anyways. I remove my cover-up to show off my dream Yumiko: Nadja, white base, scarlet straps, and sleeveless to accentuate my collarbones. (The white is risky of course, but what is ballet without risks?) I’m nearly positive a jaw drops. And I’m certain I’m turning and jumping better. I leave class feeling completely fulfilled, and as I grab my water bottle and bag on the way out the door, I don’t even bother to throw on a shirt beforehand…

    This is my dream Yumi.

  • May 16, 2012


    my dream Yumi would be Cedric with high waist in T-Spa color and size Large