Claudia Dean: a Chosen Maiden at Covent Garden

by Emilia & Linda on November 25, 2013

Earlier this month, Royal Ballet artist Claudia Dean made her debut in an important role at Covent Garden. She was plucked from the corps de ballet to dance the taxing solo of the Chosen Maiden in Kenneth MacMillan’s Rite of Spring, a challenge that the famous FT critic, Mr. Clement Crisp, saw as an “admirable debut”.

Claudia Dean

We had the opportunity to meet Claudia and to have a brief (yet fun!) session in the De Valois studio of the Royal Opera House. We were amazed at Claudia’s maturity despite her young age (she is 20 years old), as well as her energy and stamina as we progressed from arabesques and turns, to the more demanding (for photographer and dancer alike) realm of big jumps.

Claudia Dean

We hope that we have been able to convey, in these photos, some of Claudia’s natural grace, poise, her steely line and impressive elevation. For more insight on the Rite of Spring, you should take a look at Claudia’s recent studio session with none other than Monica Mason, the original Chosen Maiden. Where next? Well, Claudia did admit to us that Guest Principal Carlos Acosta would be her dream partner, so let’s cross our fingers that the juicy roles keep coming her way!

Claudia Dean

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Photos by © The Ballet Bag.

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