Backstage with the Trocks

Photo: © The Ballet Bag

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo aka “the Trocks” were set up in 1974 by a group of ballet enthusiasts. They have become an international phenomenon under the artistic direction of Tory Dobrin, regularly touring the world. The company boasts something quite unique in classical ballet: it mocks the exaggerations and mannerisms associated with the art form, while showing respect and admiration for it, thanks to a wonderful mix of technique and artistry. So much so that Ismene Brown recently singled them out for praise, saying “the best ballerinas in Britain at the moment are hairy and male“. 

Last month, the Trocks were in London for a series of performances and we spent time backstage at the Peacock Theatre with some of the dancers. As gentlemen Raffaele Morra, Robert Carter, Chase Johnsey and Joshua Thake finished putting on makeup, costumes and oversized pointe shoes, what struck us the most is how we gradually started to forget this is a male troupe and started to see them as ballerinas. At the 5-minutes-to-stage call, we kept cheering: “toi toi ladies!” Mr B. really had it right.

The Trocks’s UK tour continues during October and November, 2015 in all these locations.

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