Frankenstein: A Photo Gallery

Steven McRae as the Creature and Laura Morera as Elizabeth

This Friday evening marks the Royal Ballet’s last performance of Liam Scarlett’s brand new ballet, Frankenstein, which then gets its US premiere at San Francisco Ballet in early 2017. This Gothic ballet has proven extremely divisive, with critical reviews ranging from despair and sheer disbelief (ex: reviews by Mark Monahan and Ismene Brown), to enthusiasm and acclaim (ex: reviews by Graham Watts and Zoe Anderson).

The set of initial performances also generated much debate on Twitter, and the ballet was given a live cinema relay last week (which we were able to catch, so more on that later). However, one area where everyone seems to agree is that John Macfarlane’s designs for Frankenstein are mesmerising, perfectly setting up the Victorian-horror atmosphere, as you can see from Alice Pennefather’s rehearsal gallery below:

All photos: © Alice Pennefather, courtesy of ROH.

Alice’s creative talents lie in image making. After studying photography at Falmouth College of Arts, she spent 6 years travelling and working abroad, focusing on scuba diving and filming underwater. She has recently returned to London and rediscovered her love of everything Ballet. Alice now works as a freelance photographer, and is a regular at the Royal Ballet General Rehearsals – photographing for us here at The Ballet Bag. You can see more of Alice’s work at

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