Infographic: MacMillan’s Saints and Sinners

Thiago Soares as Crown Prince Rudolf

With complex characters that challenge performers and audiences alike, choreographer Kenneth MacMillan continues to capture our imagination. And with a ballet season full of favourites like Mayerling (which is touring to LA this summer) and Manon, which is currently in rep at English National Ballet, we felt inspired to take a cue from one of our favourite Netflix fixes, The Good Place (a must, if you’re not yet familiar with this series which, in turn, takes pointers from The Divine Comedy). Thus, in the infographic below, we have applied the show’s fine-tuned system of points - or its ‘moral score’ – to imagine how some of our favourite MacMillan leading men would fare in the afterlife.

Who belongs in The Good Place, and who would be keeping company with Mindy St Claire in The Middle Place? Do you agree with our candidates for The Bad Place? Should we do a chart for the female roles? Let us know your suggestions in the comments section below, or tweet us @theballetbag / insta @theballetbag.

Kenneth MacMillan's Heroes and Sinners © The Ballet Bag

Photo Credits: © Laurent Liotardo / ENB – © Gene Schiavone / ABT – @ Alice Pennefather / ROH – @ Jack Devant – @ Johan Persson / ROH – @ Bill Copper / ROH – © Laurent Liotardo / ENB – © Johan Persson – © Alice Pennefather / ROH

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