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If you have landed here after dropping by our About Us page, you already know we think BALLET ROCKS! If you are intrigued by this art form, having  discovered it by browsing YouTube, watching it on TV, cinema and/or live and want to know more, feel free to try these Ballet Bag samplers:

Getting Started



Going to the Ballet

Ballet Goes Web 2.0


Other Pages

  • Bag of Ballets: fact cards, contexts, synopses and plenty of pictures
  • Bag of Steps: understanding ballet terminology; fancy French words for turns, jumps and various steps broken down with photo/video examples.
  • Bag of Profiles and Interviews: Q&As and capsule biographies of dancers, choreographers and specific companies.

The Ballet Bag is continuously updated. If you want to suggest a feature or there’s a ballet topic you’d like more information on feel free to contact us by email , Facebook or Twitter.

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