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Carling Talcott

A Folk Tale

by Linda on March 29, 2011

Go If: You like fairy tales and fantasy RPGs filled with elfin creatures, cheeky trolls, a feisty heroine and a hero who triumphs against the odds. You are well-versed in Giselle, La Sylphide, Ondine and would like to try a different supernatural ballet. Skip If: You like your ballets with less plot development, more dancing [...]

Young choreographer Christopher Wheeldon created The Wanderers for The Royal Danish Ballet in 2008. This season the Company commissioned him to do a completely new version of The Sleeping Beauty. According to the RDB website  his take on the classic is “a fantasy-filled adventure for both children and adults offering drama and sublime classical dance”. [...]

Dear Diary: Best. Friday. EVER.

by cstalcott on May 29, 2010

Our guest blogger Carling Talcott describes a happy event that took place at the Royal Danish Ballet after their M/K Danseur Noble premiere last week. Read her account of this all-male program here. I contemplated going home right after the performance ended, but at the last minute decided to stop by the reception upstairs in [...]

Stag Night at The Royal Danish Ballet

by cstalcott on May 25, 2010

When we spoke to choreographer Kim Brandstrup earlier this year we were intrigued by his ongoing project with The Royal Danish Ballet, a company we have been lucky enough to visit recently. Kim was working on two matching ballets, one all-male, another all-female which would premiere days apart in different mixed bills. When we found [...]

Best of You

by Emilia on April 21, 2010

Spotlight on Five Different Dance Blogs Blogs are a simple and effective way to communicate. Everyone can have one and there are many user friendly blogging platforms out there (Blogger, TypePad, Tumblr, WordPress, etc.). Of course they vary in quality and scope, but blogs have become an important tool for the ever-growing online dance community. [...]