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Hélène Bouchet

Lady of the Camellias

by Linda on October 29, 2011

Is this ballet for you? Go If: You like soapy dramas complete with beautiful costumes and designs. One for opera lovers too, even if Verdi is not directly involved. Skip If: You have seen both Cranko’s Onegin and MacMillan’s Manon and remain unmoved. Dream Casts This is more a case for dream companies: both Hamburg [...]

Hail to the Swan Queens – Odettes & Odiles Around the World

by Emilia & Linda on February 18, 2011

“Move over, Natalie Portman: You may be favored for the Oscar in Black Swan, but there’s a real-life, flesh-and-blood ballerina generating heat as the swan queen!” says Jocelyn Novek, one of the writers quoted by Milan-based arts blogger Graham Spicer in a roundup of praise for the remarkable Odette/Odile of Sara Mearns. NYCB’s Mearns is [...]