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Sylvie Guillem in Japan: Eonnagata

by kriskosaka on December 7, 2011

Sylvie Guillem was in Japan over a month ago for her Hope Japan tour. Over three weeks of sold-out performances across the nation, including stops in Fukushima and Iwate, two of the most devastated areas from last year’s tragedy.  She ended the tour with one of her newest works, Eonnagata, her collaboration with choreographer Russell [...]

Birmingham Royal Ballet to Tour Japan – May 2011

by Emilia & Linda on April 14, 2011

Via Press Release: BRB Japan Tour 2011 Two years in the planning, the second International tour during the current 2010/11 season will see BRB perform in four cities across the southern region of Japan.  From May 14 – 29 2011, the tour will include dates in Japan’s capital city of Tokyo, plus performances in Kamakura, [...]


by Linda on July 26, 2010

The Sleeping Beauty is a staple of major classical troupes. Despite being an expensive ballet to stage, it is amongst those productions that ensure box office safety and keep dancers well drilled. It demands not only starry leads but a strong supporting cast to carry through endless variations and character roles like Carabosse and the [...]

Ballet Manga!

by Emilia & Linda on July 16, 2010

Although Vancouver Opera has recently developed and published an excellent series of Opera Manga, in the West the concept of opera and ballet in comic books still sounds very niche. But in Japan, Ballet Manga is very much part of the cultural mainstream. Publications like Kyoko Ariyoshi’s “Swan” or Ryoko Yamagishi’s “Arabesque” have been around [...]

The Japanese are well-known for their quirky and unique fashion sense. When in Tokyo, fashionista types head straight to the  Harajuku area for inspiration, but in truth ideas for one’s lookbooks can be found anywhere in town, including ballet outings. At the Royal Opera House in London clothes typically range anywhere from the ultra formal [...]

Shopaholic & Chacott

by Linda on June 17, 2010

After catching up with ballet rehearsals and performances it was time for me to explore another Tokyo balletic landmark. Chacott is Japan’s main dance fashion company. Although they are manufacturers and retailers of goods for ballet, dance, yoga,  figure skating and gymnastics they also cater to the balletomane  – selling posters, magazines, T-shirts, etc. The [...]