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Ratmansky’s New Romeo and Juliet

by Linda on November 21, 2011

One of the highlights of National Ballet of Canada’s 60th anniversary season is a gorgeous new version of Romeo and Juliet by Alexei Ratmansky. Amongst the hottest classical choreographers in the world right now, Ratmansky has been churning out one success after another: for ABT a new Nutcracker and a short piece, Dumbarton, and for [...]

Romeo and Juliet

by Linda on January 8, 2010

Is this ballet for you? Go if: You can’t resist a tragic love story. New Moon is your favorite book of the entire Twilight Saga and you can quote a certain passage from Act II, Scene VI of Shakespeare’s play by heart (don’t worry we won’t tell anyone). You’ve never been to the ballet and [...]

An Interview with Igor Kolb

by Emilia on August 17, 2009

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook or if you have been reading our posts here you will know that, ballet-wise, the past two weeks have been “all about the Mariinsky in London”, their stylish dancing and the impressive array of performers they have fielded to wow us in the classics Swan Lake, The [...]

Don’t Drink Poison

by Emilia on August 8, 2009

Thinking of Lavrovsky’s Romeo and Juliet as completely obsolete is like saying German Expressionist cinema has no more value in a post Hitchcock world.  The latter could not have existed without the former and it is always interesting to revisit original works and old schools, observing where choreographers like Cranko and MacMillan would have drawn [...]

The Mariinsky Ballet

by Linda on August 3, 2009

As the Mariinsky comes to the rescue of ballet-starved Londoners this week, we kick-off our series of features about ballet companies around the world, outlining their history, traditions and differences. Most readers will immediately associate the name Mariinsky to one of the premier ballet companies in the world but equally important are its links to [...]